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Garage Door Sizes

Garage Door Sizes

When it comes to garage door sizes, there are industry standards but also custom options. The size is always subject to the size of the garage and the vehicle, but also your personal requirements. If you plan to build a garage, modify the existing one, or replace the garage door, you will be faced with the question of which size to choose. And here’s where our company’s experience will be invaluable. Not only do we help you make a sound choice, but send out a qualified tech for a garage door inspection to make the project and your decision a breeze for you. So, if you are trying to choose among garage door sizes in Texas City, Texas, call us.

Need help choosing garage door sizes in Texas City? Call us

Choosing the right garage door sizes is not always easy. Residential garage doors are usually smaller than commercial ones. But what about if you own an RV? A standard garage door size will not be an exact fit. The size also depends on whether you opt for a single or double garage door. Naturally, double garage door sizes are much larger to accommodate bigger vehicles. There are several such questions you will be called to answer before you make a decision about the garage door size. But then again, our garage door repair Texas City team is here and ready to lend a helping hand.

We send experts to measure and suggest single or double garage door sizes

When we send out experts to provide a new garage door estimate in Texas City, the techs measure and help you make a choice in regard to the size and all parameters that actually shape the price. It’s important for you to select the right size so that the cars you own will go in and out of the garage with ease. But it also depends on the size of the garage. If you just want to have the existing garage door replaced, a tech will measure to suggest the standard, yet appropriate sizes. If you plan a new garage door installation, the tech may also offer custom solutions if there’s space and you own big vehicles.

There are plenty of residential and commercial garage door sizes

If the single garage door sizes are not the right fit for you, we recommend custom solutions. One-car doors are not very wide for large cars and won’t be the right fit if you own an RV. But relax knowing that there are RV garage door sizes. You also have the option of ordering a customized garage door and thus the exact size you want. Are you planning to build a garage at your business and are interested in commercial garage door sizes? They are definitely much bigger than residential ones, but also plenty of choices. You just call our team to make an appointment and have a pro there to take measurements, discuss your needs with you, and offer solutions among garage door sizes in Texas City.

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